July 24, 2021

Fixing Your Wind Shield and the Rest of Your Car


Fixing your own vehicle isn’t always a skill the average person knows. Gaining knowledge is essential for your next car repair.  This article is chock full of useful tips to keep your vehicle driving like the day you bought it.

Keeping an eye on radiator levels is imperative.  To do so simply start your engine and let it run for a few minutes.  Then turn it off and open the hood.  Do not open your radiator cap when your engine is running.  Locate the radiator dipstick to check the fluid levels.  Mix coolant with water should your levels be low.

Check your headlights to make sure they are clean if you notice diminished light at night. Headlights can get covered in dirt, road grease and salt, which can prevent the maximum amount of light from shining. A glass cleaner of good quality can help wipe away any buildup on your headlights.

Youtube has a vast amount of videos to help car owners who want to do more maintenance on their own without involving a shop.  Oil changes, break replacement, and some minor engine repairs are easy to learn and cut down on labor costs that repair shops will charge.  Most cities have locations that accept used oil from average citizens.

As a car owner you must keep good records of all maintenance done on your vehicle. The best place to keep these records is inside of your glove box or center console.  This enables you to present them to a mechanic in the event that they need proof of maintenance.  Keeping these records handy is very helpful.

Before deciding on a body shop remember to check their reviews.  Knowing what your peers think of their customer service and problem solving skills is a must.  This information will allow you to make a knowledgeable decision on which shop to choose.  When visiting a repair shop be mindful of warning signs that the reviews weren’t accurate.  Not getting a straight answer to, or a refusal to answer, your questions is a dead giveaway that these are not people you want to entrust your vehicle to.

Remember to take your car for a drive immediately after a shop has completed their repairs.  In the event that the problem has not been fixed you can catch it before you get home and return your vehicle to the shop for continued work.

Following these steps will put you on the right path for having a well maintained vehicle that will continue to run for years to come.


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